Founded in 1995 , The Beatlounge begins as the underground hip hop events delivered the Turntablism scene to the world @ Club DECO 510 Lakin St. in San Francisco (venue moved nowadays)with Dj . Mr.E , Derick D ,  Apollo , Code 538 , Shortkut , Q bert featured with remarkable guest Dj. such as Mix Master Mike , Quest , Disk , Snake eyes , Mike Boogie , Top bill, Pone , S.T.A. , Beat Junkies Djs , Finger bangers , D styles and many more artists including Dj Spydamonkee from Bangkok Thailand. Until now, The Beatlounge keeps motivating the scene with love and support by numerous artists world wide.


Year 2000, Spydamonkee moved back to Bangkok ,Thailand  and founded THABeatlounge Thailand along with the proficient Dj .Jedie and Dj. Maiam.

THABeatlounge were delivered Hip hop tune as the kick starter of Thailand Turntablist era expanding the music phenomenon nationwide and to the region featured with great artists  as Khan(Thaitanium) , Joey boy , B king , Dajim and many more who made successful icons nowadays. The venue we lunched off the scene were Speed (Silom soi 4) , Cafe Democ. That's where its begun for Thailand.THABeatlounge ,We were the seeds of today's Turntablist scene.

Here we are.

 As the music and sound business grows. We'd accomplished as successful producer , arranger , remixer group with styles been working  with many artists such as Blacked eye peas , Incubus , Fatboy slim , Joey boy , Southern tiger northern lion, Budha bless , Zaza , Thaitanium , Mr.Z , Modern dog , Groove riders , Bird Thongchai , Etc . We are now capable of sound and music for advertising product and film , TV programs as our outstanding career.

With our outstanding allies,we are now expanding to wide range of efficient Audio  production with our Djs-Artists highly recommend for variety gerne of music for your remarkable media and events.

What we do.

THABeatlounge simply spread the love and share the knowledge of Turntablist and arts.

We belive everyone can enjoy using turntables as music instruments.

The Scratch Cypher free turntablist workshop session for community host by us . Please subscribe to get news on session events.


Artist and Showcase.

We release artists and perform showcase for events.


Please check our original products at our shop.We design products that makes Dj life easier

Audio production and beat pool.

THABeatlounge is  also audio production plant providing professional sounds with streamline equipment dedicated and ready to meet your needs in reasonable price.