I'm a Funky Break and Hiphop music lover since 2006.

When I'm start Bboying and get into the Hiphop culture.

And Start Djing in 2012 and be a Break Dj for Bboy competition.

I'm getting deep in art of Djing that's called "Turntablism"

style ( Skratch , Beat Juggling , Trick mixing ).

In 2015 I got invited from the best Dj/Turntablist team

in Thailand for repersent the name "Tha Beatlounge"



Max day b-boy battle 2013

K-Battle 2013

B-boy challenge 2013 Thailand

One Man Standing 2014

R16 Laos 2014

Gangster Paradise Festival 2015

Monthly Soul Jam and Battle by Soulution

Carnival Festival 2016

Anantara Hotel Bangkik 2013

Winner DJ Scratch solo Competotion @Art Box 2015

4th place DMC Online Team Dj World Championship