The Wax Voyager

Travelling DJ, The Wax Voyage

will fit in your backpack on

your journey just put your timecode

and sample breaks along with

slipmats in to Wax Voyager ,

Throw in your gig backpack

and you're on the go.

Optional size 12" full size and 

7" perfectly for portablist.

Take your wax everywhere with you with "Wax Voyager"


The Wax Voyager

Key features

Outer shell are made of extra strong fabric and

heavy duty metal zipper ensure that Wax Voyager will last very long time.

Zipper's fabric pull tab for your easy access.

Color coded tab for quick pick your timecode or sample breaks. Just pull the tab to get your right wax out.

Fabric slot separates each color coded vinyl set to protect your vinyl record's grooves or just take it out and slide in your slipmats.

Wax Voyager will carries up to 6 records,This is way enough for modern age DJ who using timecode vinyl and prefer cuttin on wax.Well suit for both world. 

Velvet liner inside for cleaning your records at anytime.

Fully open the Wax Voyager and face record grooves on cleaning surface,Spin your record around to get quick basic cleaning for your records.

( Half circle opening for normal operation )

You can leave color tab outside zipper for even quicker access.

Wax Voyager are available​ in 2 size.

12" for full size records and 7" for portablist.

The Wax Voyager 7"



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